Arresting Equipment’S And Tools

Arresting Equipment’S And Tools

Vehicle Arresting System


ZIG ZAG Harrow Anchor pin Carrying case

Weight 20kg more or less into the ground

Aluminum box

Length 4, 5 or 6 meters

All civilian vehicles road – Pics height 70 mm

Caps on speaks for pedestrian protection

Special Tear Gas

300ml Aerosol Gas and Liquid Chemical Defense Pepper

Spray Defense FRENCH professional manufacture and therefore complies with the law

300 ml spray CS gas special AEROSOL PRO- BASED DEFENSE tear gas

Defensive spray professional French-made and therefore complies with the law

Truncheon Telecospique

Telescopic baton grip foam with nylon carrying case provided 16, 21 or 26 inches


Main material : Poly carbonate

Color : Black

Composition : body of the stick Side handle with knob stick hemispheric

Length : 600 mm +/- 3 mm

Diameter road : 30 mm +/- 1 mm

Handle length : 130 mm +/- 2 mm

Diameter pommel : 47 mm +/- 2 mm

Weight of the stick : 660 g +/- 15 g

Position of the handle: 162 mm at the end of the handle stick-side

Door: Tape Velcro hook

Width: from 60 mm

Police Handcuffs

Material: Nickel-plated steel

Finish: chrome Basic or handcuffed Length: 8.7 cm

Maximum width handcuffs: 9.5 cm

Maximum length string: 5 cm

Maximum thickness: 0.7 cm

Tightening: A skull

Skulls: x20

Lock: 2 locks with key independent, complementary locking system

Tags: 2

Lubrication: Oil

Accessories: key ring