Scanner And Mine Detector Equipments

Scanner And Mine Detector Equipments

Deming Suit

Protection against fragments : V50 = 450 m/s

Options : metallic insert plate (V50 > 700 m/s)

Ceramic insert plate (V50 > 900 m/s)

Testing standard STANAG 2920

Testing standard NIJ-STD-0101.03 for vest

Weight : 10 kg approx. (version "hot countries" 5,5 kg)

The deming suit also exists in a version for hot countries

Eod Mine Shoes

Safe and reliable

Simple to use and maintain

Fully inflatable/deflatable in seconds

Fold-able into a small 360 x 160 x 120 mm pack

Completely portable

Rigid and lightweight

Upper rigid frame of plastic with harnessing straps Self-locking, error-proof device with no moving parts detonation of magnetic mines

Oral Inflation with an optional emergency inflation device

Long life span

Size: 35x70x13 cm Weight: 2.5 kg (5 kg a pair)

Load capability:Up to 150 kg on each sandal

Pressure relief valve:1.8 PSI

Overboots Deminage

Type: EOD over-boots

Resistance: 450 g of C4

Color: Black

Boots: Keviar 7 side panels

Out-sole: Polyurethane out-sole Inner wedge-shaped stainless steel and aluminum honeycomb attenuator

Mine Detector

A Ø 230 mm circular search head

An extension rod

An electronic module with adjuster

A loudspeaker with sleeve

A battery container (or battery pack)

A hand grip / arm rest kit

A test piece

A satchel

An operation manual

Optional headset, transit case , enlarged search head 420 x 280 mm

8 alkaline batteries 1,5 V type LR 14 (operating time 20 h)

Mirror Inspection Vehicle With Lamp

Explosives And Narcotics Detection

Easy to Use Supports non-contact trace, vapor, and wipe sampling Detects a wide range of explosives

Continuous automatic self-calibration Non-radioactive ion source

No sample traps or verification traps needed Standard Explosives: TNT, RDX, PETN, Nitroglycerin (NG), Ethylene Glycol Dinitrate (EGDN)

Plastic Explosives: C4 (RDX), Detasheet (PETN), Semtex (RDX + PETN) Home-MadeExplosives (HMEs)

ANFO (Ammonium nitrate + fuel oil), Urea nitrate, Triacetone triperoxide (TATP)

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