Tactical Clothes And Accessories

Tactical Clothes And Accessories

Short Sleeve Shirt

Herringbone fabric 67% cotton, 33% Polyester

2 chest pockets with flaps Short sleeves

Sizes: S - M - L - XL - XXL - XXXL

Optical Fiber Adapter

Tap Belt

Combat belt US Army model

MaAntirust-treated terial : Nylon web iron metal parts

Weight : 110 g

Overall length : 1 060 mm

Width : 55 mm

Big buckle end width : 64 mm Small

Buckle end width : 63 mm

Eyelets : 3 eyelets on width Ø 10 mm

Adjustment : 1 metal hook – 1 metal loop

Belt Holder

Material : Nylon Cordura

Components : Belt with Quick Release buckle and safety

Radio holder

Single magazine holder

Tonfa baton holder

Handcuffs holder

Handgun holster

Double flap holder

Simple flap holder


Color : Olive green.

Material :100% Cotton canvas.

Frame : Flat X-shaped black metal frame held in place by a snap fastener flap.

Closure : Olive green cord closure through 14 metal eyelets.

Front flap with double strap closure featuring 2 suspension metal D-rings

Portage 2x adjustable padded shoulder straps 1x belly strap with front buckle

1x transport D-ring

Canvas Rucksack With Frame

Pockets: Main cargo compartment

2 x large side pockets with strap closure flap

Special features

2x front tightening straps

2x front holding straps to carry horizontally items

2x adjustable rear holding straps to carry vertically items

2x X-shaped reinforcements against canvas wear from frame rubbing

Camouflage Ponchos

Material :100 % polyester

Colors : Olive green Navy blue Woodland Camo

Weaving : High resistance quare weaving- Tear resistant

Rent resistant- High temperature resistant- Shrinkage

Resistant - Always retains its shape

Fastening : Snap fasteners along the poncho rim

Hood : Adjustment cord with locking system

Hip adjustment : Internal cord adjustment

Suit Airflow Police

Bring on the summer!

The AirFlow suit is perfect for keeping cool when the temperature rises

Summer suit Stretch material


Black suit features cold-black® technology

Silver suit features Nano Sphere® technology

Removable NP protectors for the shoulders, elbows, hips and knees (three height positions)

NP Pro Air back protector with multiple ventilation inlets maximizes air circulation

Zipped protector pocket for the back protector

Tactical Mask

Hood a blue or black hole

Nomex hood 3 black holes

Motorcycle Touring Boot

Made from approx 1.8-mm leather and Corduroy Light riding, all year round Waterproof

Breathable GORE-TEX® membrane Reflective material on heel

Shift lever reinforcement

Shin and ankle areas reinforced with anatomically formed plastic and foam Reinforced ankle and toe cap

Anti Riot Suit

Protects shoulders barrier moves, armor and flak

Lacing on the sides support belt

Sizes : S / M, L / XL, XXL / XXXL

Body armor

Screen laminated ballistic

Helmet with ballistic

Barrier protects thighs shots, armor and flak

Leggings barrier moves, armor and flak Cuff shield blows, armor and flak

Performance level : IIIA NIJ 0101.04



Armor class IIIA NIJ 0101.03

Splinter guard STANAG 2920 backstop Class II

Sill armor (NIJ 0101.03 IIIA) and flak (STANAG 2920)

EPS liner for shock absorption 2 sizes : (PM) 52 58 cm (GM) from 57 to 62 cm

Weight with backstop and sill : 2.9 kg


High ballistic protection to fragments and bullets

Adaptable to the mounting of Night Vision Goggles

Material : Aramid. Shell of modified PASGT shape

Comfortable and adjustable interior

Color : Black, NATO green

Resistance to fragments: V50 of 680 m/s with fragment 1,102 g (17 gr) from STANAG 2920 (A3/6723/1)

Resistance to bullets: Level IIIA according to NIJ-STD-0106.01 and NIJ-STD-0101.03 ammunition

Size: Small Size (PM) : 52 cm to 58 cm 61/2 to 7 1/4

Large Size (GM) : 57 cm to 62 cm 71/8 to 73/4

Weight :Small Size (PM) : 1,57 kg - 3,46 lbs

Large Size (GM) : 1,65 kg - 3,64 lbs


Painted poly-carbonate

Thickness 4 mm


Size : Unique 52 to 62 cm.

Weight : Complete helmet around 1450g 3 aerators on the back and lateral grilles

Shock absorber

Polyester straps 20 and 30 mm, Sticked foam 10 mm thick

Black color

4 mm curved face-shield

Poly carbonate anti-shock visor. Height: 17 cm

Water tightness between shell and face-shield


Fire And IED Protection

Full fire protection as in the standard product but additional areas with special IED protection for sensitive parts of the body

Inherent flame and heat resistance

No off-gassing required to extinguish flame

Will not ignite, melt, drip, or break open

Lightweight and soft

Minimizes heat stress

Wicks sweat from the body more than 8 times that of I 00"/o cotton, and 1.5 times that of Nomex®

Durable, long Iasting performance

Retains colour and shape after laundering

Easy to care and maintain

Microban®Technology offers Iasting protection against stains and odor causing bacteria

Meets or exceeds OSHA and NFPA 2112 and 70E Level I &2) requirements

Body Armour €“ VIP Vest

Models : Super light VIP Vest The vest is extremely flexible and very comfortable to wear

Weight :1.5 kg for size M

Colour : All

Options : Stab and Taser protection

Material : Aramid, Spectra, removable, washable outer cover

Panels : Waterproof and ultraviolet lightproof ballistic panels

Warranty : 5 years

Protection : NIJ 0101.05 (0101.06 is available as well) III-A, multi hit

Models : Attack Vest / Army plus

Weight : From 2.5 to 4.5 kg for size L

Colour : All

Protection : NIJ 0101.06 III-A, multi hit

Options : Hydration system insert pockets for ballistic plates front and back, side coverage, neck and groin protection Fire resistant cover material

Panels : Ultraviolet lightproof ballistic panels

Warranty : 5 years

Protection : NIJ 0101.06 III-A, multi hit

Riot 40mm Ammo Vest

Special Vest / Backpack

Black or desert colour

Modular system

Capacity for 20 cartridges and 1 launcher

Press Vest Mantlet

Belt loops for load balance

Comfort control spacer lining for ventilation and sweat management

Adjustable shoulder and waist straps with Velcro fastening

Standard lumbar support


Hook and loop strip for ID-patch

Internal body belt for perfect fit and anti-ride up

Detachable collar

Colour : Available on request

Sizes : XS à XL

Weight :NIJIIIA : 4.5kg - NIJIII : 6.9 kg - NIJ4 : 10 kg

Bulletproof Case

Composed of four ballistic panels by sliding handle rapid deployment.

Overlapping plates once deployed for optimal protection.

Shell : simili

Dimensions : H x L : 130 cm x 53 cm

Performance Level : I to IIIA/NIJ

Weight : 7.1 kg


Body Armour €“ Plates Level III +

The best compromise in terms of protection level and weight for heavy duty

Type : Multi-Hit

Finish : Any colour

Design : Single or Multiple Curve

Dimension : 25 x 30 cm

Thickness : 14 mm

Weight : 1,25 kg

Protection : NIJ III+ ICW, 7,62 x 51 Nato, 5,56 x 45 (M193), 7,62 x 39 (AK47)

Warranty :5 Years/10 Years (10 years if the plates are stored in a room with constant temperature and humidity

Body Armour €“ Level IV+

A high end plate for maximum protection against AP sniper fire

Type : Multi-Hit, 3 shots, stand alone

Finish : Any colour

Design : Single or Multiple Curve

Dimension : 25 x 30 cm

Thickness : 21 mm

Weight : 2,75 kg – super light version 2.45 kg

Protection : NIJ IV+, 7,62 x 51 AP Nato, 5,56 x 45 AP , 7,62 x 39 AP (AK47), 7,62 x 54 R AP (Dragunov)

Warranty : 5 Years/10 Years (10 years if the plates are stored in a room with constant temperature and humidity

Tactical Shield

One of the lightest level III + shields – for maximum tactical flexibility

Type : Multi-Hit, up to 30 shots per shield

Dimension : 155 x 65 cm

Thickness : 21 mm

Weight : 23 kg

Finish : Any colour

Design : Single or Multiple Curve

Protection : NIJ III, 7,62 x 51 Nato, 5,56 x 45 (M193), 7,62 x 39 (AK47)

Warranty : 5 Years/10 Years

Room / Door Armour

The plates will be cut to size and can be produced for every door

Protection Level III with Dyneema plates

Protection Level IV + with a compound

Easy to re fit

Not much construction work needed

Can be installed by local contractor

Very effective

Can be used as mobile wall as well

Fully waterproof version available as well

Marine Armour/ Car Armour

The most efficient way to armor speed boats and yachts– with the light weight plate – fully waterproof

Armour the bridge and the engine area

Plate and steel can be an option in case of further flexibility of the overall weight

Any shape can be produced

Weights 49 kg per m2 - Thickness of 17 mm

The compound is waterproof and heat resistant a perfect material for tough conditions in the desert

Run Flat System

Ty-Lok : A band which fits in the well of the wheels of civil vehicles, thus preventing a deflated tyre to slip out of the rim and ensuring a safe stop several kilometers after one or more punctures

Single-piece wheel dynamic system : 2 or 3 segments bolted around the wheel rim which remain fixed on the rim when the tyre is fully inflated but slip anticlockwise to the forward rotation of the tyre and wheel when the tyre is deflated

Multiple-piece wheel static system : 3 segments bolted tightly around the wheel rim which remain fixed and keep the tyre in place whether inflated or not

High Security Fences

This fencing system can be used for harbor, airport, power station, etc. security

Harbor fence can stop a 3.5 ton speed boat

A mobile fence can stop a 4.5 ton car with 65 km/h speed

1m2 can restrain a power of several tons

A very interesting application is the RPG

Protection upgrade kit

Tactical Goggle

Ballistic PC lens - 2,45 mm - Curve 8

Anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings

Integrated lateral protection Easy replacement lens system

Comfort temples in PC Available in black

STRAP: wide adjustable 25 mm strap

Non slip technology

Pivot for helmet wearers

WEIGHT: 48 g

Ballistic PC - 3,0 mm - Curve 5

Anti-scratch and anti-fog coatings

High heat resistance TPV frame

Indirect ventilation frame

Available in black, sand and green

Spare lenses option: clear, yellow and smoke lenses

Specific laser filters

Carry case

WEIGHT: 106 g